My name is Antonio, a Buhi’nən from the Bikol region in what has been colonially known as ‘the Philippines’.

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in politics at Central European University and a visiting research fellow at Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. My work critiques the European Union’s entanglements as a global (trade) power. More broadly, I am interested in interpretive methodologies and methods, critical policy studies, decolonial thought and praxis, Southeast Asia–EU relations, the Philippines’ international relations, and the ‘global souths’ as a political subjectivity.

In a past life, I spent six years doing policy and advocacy work at the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and serving as EU outreach consultant for a European Commission-funded project on the internationalisation of small and medium enterprises.

Outside the ivory tower, I co-organise for South/South Movement and dabble in analogue photography.

I am open to research, writing, editorial and project-based commissions. See some of my work here.

Email: antonio@antonioalcazar.eu

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